ALESSIO GUARINO / Born in the Salerno, he studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples; he then qualified from the school of photography ‘Bauer della Società Umanitaria’. His work focused primarily on architecture and socio-anthropological reportages – for almost 15 years for the weekly magazine ‘D’ della Repubblica, and with numerous other Italian and international publications. He lives and works between Tokyo and Florence. He collaborates with architecture studios, associations and companies, Italian and international publications. He has always been passionate about visual communication and interactive media; he has supervised and coordinated graphic projects and editorial photographic and video productions. He is a founding partner of the studio.

MASATOSHI HORII / He was born in the Japanese city of Hiroshima and moved to Tokyo to study at the Tama Art University, graduating in graphic design. He worked for Ickx Co., Ltd.and Miku Corporation and many other corporate brands. He moved to Italy in 1994 where he worked for several years as a graphic design in MediaSet. He has been Free-lance since 2001 and created the LA7 brand collaborating with Studio Lissoni and studio Lorenzo Marini & Associati. In 2010 he returned to Tokyo and continued his work in graphic design.  He is a founding partner of the studio.


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