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Our Services

imagemakerstudio develops concepts for cultural and commercial projects in the fields of Aerial Photography & Video productions.

Quality aerial films are made using authorized and insured drones. Vertical take-off and landing allows you to follow a planned trajectory, and acquire images and other information in an extremely precise manner to be subsequently processed based on the needs of the end user.

We create aerial images and video for:

Agriculture: Mapping of agricultural areas, Promotional videos for wineries.

Public Works: Construction sites, works, architectural works.

Tourism: Hotels, Farmhouses, B&B, Golf Courses, Resorts, Natural Parks.

Real Estate: Promotional videos for architectural and residential complexes.

EventsContemporary art productions, Public events, Weddings Planners

We also offer Graphic design, Web design & web development, Exhibition and Documentation Support


For any enquiry, or to hear more about our services please send us an email.

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